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Supercharge your media campaigns

Campaign Cloud™ has helped Havas Media increase productivity and improve transparency
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Our Vision

Campaign Cloud™ is the online integrated, intuitive and immersive campaign management environment used by both media agencies and their clients to plan, initiate, process, manage and analyse campaigns in a collaborative, efficient, transparent and globally consistent manner.


With the unique Campaign Cloud™ platform, media agencies and brands take a lead in addressing the rapidly changing global media agency landscape driven by increasing demand for governance, cost efficiency, overall effectiveness, control and campaign launch time.

Who are we

The Solution


Productivity & Efficiency  

Improve core business performance and reduce cost of operations through smoother error-reducing automation.

  • Quote creation: from hours to minutes

  • Reduction in communications such as number of emails, increase of 30% in productivity

Competitive Positioning

Enable new business opportunities through industry-leading end-user capabilities, service offering and process management.

  • Reduced time to produce reports

  • Increased customer satisfaction leading to renewals and retention

  • Complete pipeline visibility and tracking activities reduced admin time by 15%

  • New business Sales increases by > 20 %


Governance & Control

Set and maintain new future proof market standards for contracting, processes, transparency and compliance.

  • One place to manage contracts, reduce time spent on searching for documents

  • Integrations to avoid duplicate data entry and save 20 hours per week

  • Cost due to mistakes drastically decreased

Scale & Repeatability

Utilise the power of customised Salesforce development and professional services to further increase ROI across the business.

  • Time to deployment is faster, enhancements can be rapidly added

  • Cost reduction since future customizations can be managed and maintained internally

  • Cost reduction by consolidating proprietary legacy software

How it works

"Havas Media digitalize work processes with Campaign Cloud"


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Campaign Cloud by Cloud Integrate

As a fast-growing provider of professional consulting services and custom technical solutions, Cloud Integrate helps businesses operate more efficiently by translating their business environments and processes into custom solutions on the powerful platform and ecosystem of Salesforce; the CRM solution of choice to many industry-leading businesses like Heineken, ING, LeasePlan, KLM.

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